Mental musings in Venice

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Blue. Green. Emerald. Bluey greeny turquoise. The water is beautiful; a little choppy though in this gondola. But the air is crisp and I’m feeling cosy in my black wool jumper.

 I’m looking ahead, past our guide, and the scene before me is like a picture-postcard. Magnificent old buildings sit with their feet dipped into the river, and red and white candy striped pillers jut out of the water to my left.

 Ahhh I’m getting comfortable now, and admiring the blue expanse of sky – I am feeling pretty lucky for such good weather in February. And I recall many people’s tales of flies, mosquitos and foul smells of Venice in the summer months. I almost don’t believe them; I’m feeling warm and content as we cruise along the Grand Canal.

Oh we’re turning off the main waterway now and cutting into the side canals running between the less grandiose residential buildings. Laundry is strung up between buildings, and tourists off the beaten track to St Mark’s are waving down from the small stone bridges.

Maybe we’ll head down to that pretty park we saw in the Castello area of the map for a picnic lunch as the weather is so good. We could pick up some bread, cheese and wine on the way maybe. There was that pretty panificio on the narrow lane near that church – the one with all the rolls displayed in baskets…

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