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How about Budapest?

Budapest seems like a really interesting place to explore for a few days. I could cruise the river Danube, catch a concert, admire the architecture, visit the public baths and indulge in wine and cake! This blog is a great taster of the city:



How about Croatia?

The Plitvice Lakes have been on my list for a while. Think I fancy camping in the national park and a bit of wild swimming (althouogh just discovered swimming is not allowed in order to keep the lakes pristine – does anyone have any more info about wild swimming in Croatia?). Lovely blog about the lakes here: Pond Jumpers: Plitvice Lakes. And another with great photos here: Retireediary: The Watery Eden


How about Japan?

OK I know its a little cliche but I really would love to see the cherry blossoms in Japan. I want my own white cherry blossom tree (or is it apple blossom that is white?) but there really is no room to plant one in my apartment! Will need to get a garden someday…


How about Palawan, Philippines?

The Puerto Princesa Underground River looks like such an amazing place to visit, and a place I have not even heard of until I see this post: BucketListPublications. Simply ‘Wow’. This definitely makes my bucket list!


How about Costa Rica?

Now this one has been on my list for a long time; well most of Central America really. How can you not long for the untouched beaches, undiscovered jungle and interesting local cultures? Image below courtesy of

costa rica