Beach walk and beautiful light

Kent, Thanet, Margate, England, artist, light, beach, coast, sea, travel,

On our second day exploring the Kent coast we walked the beaches and bays from Margate to Broadstairs. It is easy to see why artists flock to this area for the light! I managed to capture some stunning shots of the sea lapping over the chalk rock formations and the dappled light accentuating shadows and the rose gold of the sand. It almost felt like I was on another planet and not in South East England!

Travel tip!

Before heading out on this 15km coastal walk from Margate to Broadstairs grab some breakfast at Forts Cafe. It isn’t cheap but it’s a quirky little hipster place with books hanging from the walls and bearded types sipping herbal tea, and I (with my husband’s help here) can recommend the eggs Benedict and blueberry and bacon pancakes!

Note: You should only attempt to walk along the beach here during low tide in the morning, as the bays get cut off from one another when the tide comes in. Always check before heading out.