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It’s twenty fifteen!

Happy new year! It is 2015 and this post comes a little late as I have been visiting family and friends around England over the festive period. It’s time to reflect a little… Continue reading

Happy new year!

I started this year off with a short trip to the Peak District, England on the way home from visiting family. Taking in a few long walks, enjoying a cosy B&B, and indulging… Continue reading

Port Macquarie, Australia

Port Macquarie was a two night stop between Sydney and Brisbane on our East Coast Adventure. This old coastal town in New South Wales, Australia, has a sleepy feel to it but I’ve… Continue reading

Lava fields, Iceland

Here’s a quick shot of the otherworldly lava fields of Iceland. This lava field is very old which is indicated by the deep layer of moss that carpets the hard black pumice-like rock.… Continue reading

Sólheimajökull Glacier, Iceland

It did not stop raining all day long. Wearing a base layer, top, jumper and waterproof trousers and coat did not stop me being soaked to the core. But it was worth it.… Continue reading

Waterfalls of Iceland

There are thousands of waterfalls to discover in Iceland, most created by tectonic faults where the American and Eurasian plates are pulling apart and by the many volcanic eruptions on the island. There… Continue reading

Waitomo (glowworm) Caves, New Zealand

  It’s certainly a number of years since I was in New Zealand, but it’s a place that really stays with you and one of my favourite trips was visiting Waitomo Caves, aka… Continue reading

Singburi, Thailand

  I took this pic whilst travelling through the flooded streets of Singburi, Thailand in 2006. The whole area had been badly affected by flooding and I couldn’t do the voluntary work I… Continue reading

Rotorua, New Zealand

  Rotorua is a hot-bed of geothermal activity; even the local park has hot spring foot spas and bubbling mud pits, and this pic is of a geyser going off at the Maori… Continue reading

Herculaneum, Italy

  Herculaneum is amazingly preserved and walking through its streets you can really imagine what life would have been like. But with only other tourists around it does feel a little eerie, and… Continue reading