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The Citadella, Gozo

The Citadella, or Citadel, in the heart of Gozo’s capital of Victoria, has a rich history and is on the list to be considered as UNESCO World Heritage Site. This fortified town within… Continue reading

Ġgantija temples, Gozo, Malta

The name of these megalithic temples roughly translates as ‘Giants Grotto’ and they are older than both the Egyptian pyramids and Stonehenge in the UK. Situated in Xaghra on the Maltese island of Gozo,… Continue reading

Ramla Bay, Gozo, Malta

Close to the small town of Xagħra in Gozo, Malta, you will find a long windy road down to a large, wide bay of rich red sand. As one of the only sandy beaches… Continue reading

Gozo village life

I stayed in the lovely village of Gharb in the North West corner of Gozo, Malta. And it just so happened to be their summer festa week during my stay! Each time I… Continue reading

Introducing your new best friend

I would like to introduce you to your best friend in Gozo, Malta. Peter is the adventurous sort, having travelled extensively and wound up on Gozo restoring an old farmhouse. He is passionate… Continue reading


The inland sea at Dwejra, Gozo, was created by an entire cave system collapsing in on itself, and is connect to the sea by a narrow cave through the rocks. It is a… Continue reading

Dwejra Bay, Gozo (Part 1)

Having just returned from the beautiful Maltese island of Gozo I could not wait to share with you some of the amazing places I visited on this tiny island in the Med. First… Continue reading

Five week count down to Gozo!

It’s not long now until I head off for a week to the tiny island of Gozo, near Malta in the Mediterranean. Not many people seem to have heard of it – it’s between… Continue reading