Port Macquarie, Australia

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Port Macquarie was a two night stop between Sydney and Brisbane on our East Coast Adventure. This old coastal town in New South Wales, Australia, has a sleepy feel to it but I’ve heard it’s become a lot more lively over the last few years with new development. It was also the place where we discovered that our backpacker’s budget would not last the trip…

Travelling in early January, the peak summer season, meant all the good budget hostels were full, or far too expensive. We ended up booking into a strange-feeling, wood-panelled, roadside motel, and whilst a decent bed and private shower were a bonus, it was drastically eating into our tiny budget. The next morning our first priority was to find an outdoor supply store and invest in camping equipment.

One tent, two roll mats, a gas stove, and two mess tins later we were equipped to tackle the simple life. With the matter of accommodation sorted we could get on with enjoying the pleasures that Port Macquarie had to offer.

As we were quite budget conscious during this leg of the trip we sought out the best of the cheap or the free things on offer. We visited a koala hospital – which accepted donations or sponsorship by way of an entry fee – and visited some of the little bears in rehabilitation having suffered road traffic accidents, and those being treated for chlamydia.

The pic above shows the wonderful street art on the sea wall of the inlet to the port, which continues all the way down the bay and anyone can add to it to contribute to a wonderful changing gallery of creativity.

Sitting by the colourful rocks you can spot dolphins swimming into the bay – if you are patient enough! There’s also a small observatory for a spot of stargazing – with casual opening times and always weather dependent – but the staff are friendly and informative. Just don’t overlook the building as it appears to be a public lavatory from the outside!

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