Travel on the brain

travel, art, craft, tickets, collage


This post is a bit of a departure from my usual travel musings. But when I’m not travelling I’m dreaming of new adventures and filling my flat with mementos from trips I have taken.

I have finally completed a long anticipated goal of creating some artworks from tickets and various other travel detritus that I couldn’t bare to part with, but that got stuck in shoeboxes rarely seeing the light of day. So after finding three large and lightweight frames (many thanks to that big Swedish homewares supplier), I earmarked a free weekend for some arty and crafty business.

I went through hundreds, if not thousands, of train tickets, ferry stubs, boarding passes, museum entry tokens and and various bits and bobs that evoke fond memories of adventures past. Choosing them based on size, colour and typography I created a travel triptych to display on the wall above my desk where future wanderings are planned out. I am so pleased with the results that I wanted to share some snaps with you all.

Another project was inspired by Elle of Veni Vidi Vici fame, and all my odd coins from around the world were glued into place onto a backing card and inserted into a picture frame to create a personal coin collection collage. What do you think?!

coins, currency, art, craft, travel

My whole flat is a kind shrine to travel and I am a little obsessed with stuff with maps on; I guess its a giant memory shoebox of sorts! There are book shelves crammed with travel guides and literature and surfaces are dotted with souvenirs such as Fijian masks, Chinese stress balls, a Venitian mask, and Greek and Egyptian figures, among many others. I also collect glass perfume bottles which live together on my dressing table.

What do you collect on your travels?