Trips to Cambridge, Budapest and Vienna ahead!

Upcoming trips ahead include a weekend in the English University city of Cambridge in a couple of weeks time. Hoping to explore the colleges and old pubs, and if the weather holds I will be going for a punt!

Also just putting the final plans in place for a week exploring Budapest, Hungary, and Vienna, Austria. If anyone has any advice on taking the train or bus between the two countries it would be gratefully received!

Budapest has been on ‘the list’ for a long time and whilst we will spend the first part of the week in a hostel (in a beautiful converted mansion house) and seeing the sights, then heading over to Vienna for a few days to catch an opera, in the final part of the week we will be seeking out luxury in Budapest and enjoying the city’s famous hot spring spas before heading home!

What would you most want to see or do in Vienna, Budapest and Cambridge? Let me know about any trips you have coming up too!

Happy travels!

photo credit: thomasheylen via photopin cc
photo credit: Christopher Chan via photopin cc
photo credit: szeke via photopin cc