The Citadella, Gozo

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The Citadella, or Citadel, in the heart of Gozo’s capital of Victoria, has a rich history and is on the list to be considered as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This fortified town within a city was built during the Bronze Age and has withstood numerous attacks through the ages. The entire population of Gozo used to make their way inside for protection when under siege.

It is free to walk around the Citadella and head up to the walls for stunning views around the island. There is a lot of renovation work going on and the restoration of the Citadella has a long way to go; you can view its progress and the still ruinous areas from the ramparts. You can also grab a ticket for entry into the Cathedral in the gift shop for 3.50 Euros and believe me it is well worth the outlay. Your ticket comes with a floorplan explaining all the key areas of the church and the artworks.

The artwork within is graphic and unique, with scenes of dancing skeletons on the floor and a painted infinity dome on the ceiling. The museum next door also houses some interesting artifacts including a vault full of silverware downstairs and upstairs you can see an interesting portrait depicting St Agatha of Sicily’s martyrdom having her breast cut off!

Top Tips for the Citadella: There are several other museums with the walls of the Citadella, such as the Folklore Museum, National Museum of Archaeology, Natural Science Museum, Law Courts and Armoury, and the Old Prison.

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