Ramla Bay, Gozo, Malta

Ramla, sand, beach, Xagħra, sea, relax, Gozo, Malta,  summer, hot

Close to the small town of Xagħra in Gozo, Malta, you will find a long windy road down to a large, wide bay of rich red sand.

As one of the only sandy beaches on the island (the rest are predominantly rocky) it is a popular destination and a whole tourist operation has been built around it with cafes, ice cream vendors, pay showers and postcards shops. However the beach is big enough to find your own quiet spot, and is especially peaceful in the early evening.

The beach is overlooked by the famous Calypso Cave, referred to by Homer in The Odyssey, and roman remains are said to be found beneath the red sands. There is a path up to the cave from the beach but we were far too relaxed to trundle up the hillside in the late afternoon sun.

Beach tips and etiquette: The bay is shallow, and the best place to wade out is directly in front of the lifeguard tower where there are few rocks. As you walk onto the beach there is a boardwalk and you can pick up various receptacles to deposit your picnic rubbish into. There are also old camera film pots that serve as discreet ashtrays. Remember to take only photographs and leave only footprints.

Ramla is a beautiful beach with a relaxed atmosphere, but you can see my top five beaches so far here.

Where is your favourite beach?