Gozo village life

Gharb, Gozo, Malta, village, church, night, festa, festival, culture

I stayed in the lovely village of Gharb in the North West corner of Gozo, Malta. And it just so happened to be their summer festa week during my stay!

Each time I passed through the town square there was always something going on, whether that was erecting a stage and statues around the church, or witnessing a parade with marching band, community feast with local band and a raffle, or a huge balloon drop as an effigie their patron saint is lifted into place onto a huge plinth.

It was a delight to witness such a local event, and not something put on for tourists. It was especially fun to sit down at a vacated table on the perimeter of the feast and watch the families search through their tickets as the raffle winners were announced!

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Top Tips for Gharb, Gozo: It is a small village but there are about three restaurants and a fantastic sports bar called Rangers, which has a brilliant roof terrace with views out into the countryside overlooking Ta’ Pinu. They have a simple snack menu but we can massively recommend the pizzas at around 5 Euros each and wine 1.50 Euros for a huge glass.

Other restaurants in Gharb:

Jefferies – small and cozy place but we couldn’t get a table here. Book in advance.

Salvinas – Out of the way and lovely by all accounts but we didn’t make it here.

Plus there is a newly opened Italian restaurant directly opposite Jefferies, but I cannot remember the name of it. They serves excellent T-bone steaks and have a lovely covered terrace out back with little lemon trees.