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The inland sea at Dwejra, Gozo, was created by an entire cave system collapsing in on itself, and is connect to the sea by a narrow cave through the rocks. It is a lovely calm spot for a cooling dip where you can watch divers head down into the fissure and small motor boats glide through the opening to discover the orange corals from above, dotting the rocks like fairy lights.

For a reasonable 3.50 Euros you can don an orange lifejacket and hop onto one of the boats yourself. Once through the cave the boat will take you around the cliff face and into the caves facing out to the Mediterranean, and then round for a different perspective of the Azure Window.

Back on the other side head back up the hill for an ice cream and head over to the Dwejra Tower to enjoy views of the bay and plan you route down for a refreshing swim. The stone steps hewn into the cliff face will take some finding; you won’t know they are there until you hit the first step (be very careful not to get too close to the edge). Pick your way down and slide down the slippery algae-covered slip way into the wonderfully warm waters of the bay.

Dwejra Bay is horseshoe shaped and protected from the sea by Fungus Rock. This tall limestone islet, set in the middle of the bay’s opening, is home to an unusual mushroom-like plant which was said to have medicinal properties and was used as a cure for dysentery.

Hopefully you won’t need to utilise the plant for yourself – just ensure you drink plenty of mineral water throughout the day! Rest assured the food on Gozo is wonderfully fresh and delicious.

Top tip for Dwejra Bay

The watch tower is wonderful to view from the outside but do make the effort to head up to the top for a 360 degree view of the bay. Enjoy the breeze, plan your route down the rocks,  contemplate the history of the Knights of St John and leave a small donation to the National Trust for the preservation of these towers. There are other towers like this in Xlendi, Mgarr and San Blas, as well as one holding court over Comino island.