Dwejra Bay, Gozo (Part 1)

Having just returned from the beautiful Maltese island of Gozo I could not wait to share with you some of the amazing places I visited on this tiny island in the Med. First stop, Dwejra Bay…

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The Azure Window, as it is known, is a beautifully photogenic limestone archway in the sea along the west coast of the island. You can find it down a modern road from San Lawrenz (and not down a cart track that a few sweaty miles later leads to a cliff face, overlooking Dwejra).

The rocks around the window, dotted here and there with salt pans, jut out into blue waters and are home to the Blue Hole, a diving hotspot and another photogenic beauty in the bay. A few films have been set here including Clash of the Titans, and the TV show Game of Thrones used the Azure Window as a dramatic backdrop.

Practical info

There are a few cafes, a restaurant, and toilet facilities down here along with an outlet shop for Gozo glass products and a few touristy market stalls. There is a small car park here or a larger sandy area near the watchtower. The walk down the road from San Lawrenz is not bad going or you can take an air-conditioned bus from Victoria/Rabat for 2.20 Euros (tourist price).

Still to come

In part two we will climb down into the bay and discover Fungus Rock and the inland sea at Dwejra. Then join me on a journey into the citidella, across salt pans and red sand beaches, and over cliff tops to ancient temples and secret caves.

Stay tuned folks!