Lava fields, Iceland

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Here’s a quick shot of the otherworldly lava fields of Iceland. This lava field is very old which is indicated by the deep layer of moss that carpets the hard black pumice-like rock.

I had just emerged from caving through a lava tube, an experience that destroyed my knees but was a big achievement to have crawled through small crevices and scrambled over rocks in the light of my headlamp.

The cave is formed by the surface of a lava flow cooling rapidly and creating a crust, under which the hot lava flows. Once the lava is spent and the eruption over, these tubes are left behind.

Top tip for caving under the lava fields: Leave a rock for the elves at the entrance of the cave (you will see a big pile of small rocks at most cave entrances), which will ensure you are kept safe during your underground journey. If you make it out, place another rock on the pile in thanks.

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