Sólheimajökull Glacier, Iceland

Iceland, ice, glacier, hike, winter

It did not stop raining all day long. Wearing a base layer, top, jumper and waterproof trousers and coat did not stop me being soaked to the core. But it was worth it.

Approaching Sólheimajökull glacier on Iceland’s south coast is mesmerising. You can see it rise up from the far side of the lake like an impenetrable fortress, tiny ant-like people are scaling its walls with ropes and icepicks, and the grey sky sits upon this huge frozen kingdom. We don lethal looking crampons and clasp at our icepicks as we cross over huge islands of ice, gradually rising to the top of the glacier.

There are sink holes dotted over the surface of the glacier that you definitely do not want to get too close to, less you fall in and eventually we swept out to sea. The colours of the ice are many and ribbons of black volcanic sand stripe through the frozen landscape. There are times when it might cross you mind that you are stood on something that is not altogether stable as you see rivers of water flowing underneath the surface you are walking upon, and also when you step over deep and dark cracks in the blue ice.

Top tip for glacier walking: Aside from ensuring you go with a qualified guide with the proper equipment, I would recommend taking a change of clothes (vest, jumper, scarf) and keep a small towel in your day pack. If you are out all day in Iceland, at some point it is likely to rain and I am glad that we had enough dry layers between us to re-dress and get warm after our Iceland glacier adventure.

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