Waterfalls of Iceland

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There are thousands of waterfalls to discover in Iceland, most created by tectonic faults where the American and Eurasian plates are pulling apart and by the many volcanic eruptions on the island.

There are those that are powerful and spew millions of gallons of water over the fall every minute, others you can walk behind, others are tall or long and some feature multiple cascades. You could spend years just seeking out all the incredible falls in the land of fire and ice…

Top tip for Iceland waterfalls: The weather is forever changeable and you will not enjoy being in the outdoors and exploring the foot of a waterfall in pouring rain and wind that knocks you sideways if you are not properly dressed. Wear base layers, thermals, a couple of jumpers, hat, gloves, a rain mac and a water and wind proof jacket. And wear good boots to keep your feet dry. Please note that umbrellas are no use anywhere in Iceland!

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