Bay of Islands, New Zealand

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My trip to the Bay of Islands was a one night mini adventure from Auckland on the beautiful North Island of New Zealand.

We had hastily pitched our ramshackle tent in the grounds of a hostel in the twilight, grabbed a takeaway and hit the hay early to be up at the crack of dawn for our ‘swimming with wild dolphins’ trip.

Of course you can’t guarantee a sighting of the dolphins, just like its pot luck if you see the Northern Lights in Iceland on any given night, and swimming with these beautiful creatures is something you would be very lucky to have the chance to do in the wild.

And as luck would have it, Orca whales had swam into the bay the night before and scared off all the dolphins! No matter, I enjoyed spotting huge orca fins for hours and holding my breath tightly waiting for them to jump out of the sea for that perfect photo opportunity. Things like that only happen in films or to the very lucky and I snapped the above pic a little too late.

I do have a lifetime’s voucher to go back and do the trip again for free… so send me packing on My Destination’s Biggest Baddest Bucket List adventure by voting for my entry here and maybe I will get the chance to swim with dolphins some time soon! You get a vote for every social media button you click, so please, share on Facebook, Tweet it, Pin, Stumble and Google+.  A million times thank you…

Top tip for the Bay of Islands: Book onto a dolphin spotting trip that offers a guarantee a sighting or a voucher valid for your lifetime to ensure you get to try again in the future. Its a great marketing ploy, but certainly worthwhile dreaming about returning someday.

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