A whole new year ahead

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I have been blogging about my travel adventures for six months now, from my very first and very short post on a photo I took of a dragonfly in Thailand, and I have loved delving into my photo collection and digging out my favourite snaps and sharing my experience and top tips. It has been so much fun revisiting my favourite places and jogging my memory on the small things that happen, like people you meet on a boat trip or random events that leave you to be stranded in a bus station, but forget after a few months back home.

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What has also been fantastic is the travel blogging community I have found. There are many fantastic people across the world sharing their travel stories and a wealth of information and inspiration to be found. I have also been lucky enough to receive a couple of blogging awards, including an EasyJet Blogger on the Month Award for a post I did on Mallorca and I would like to pass on my nominations to a handful of the many amazing blogs I have been reading:

The Addictive Blog Award – nominated by Snigdha at GetSetAndGo

I am terribly humbled to be awarded this badge and I hereby nominate these addictive blogs to share this award with me:

addictive blog award

Bucket List Publications
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Meg Travels
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A Word in Your Ear
Canoe Communications
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Everywhere Once
Nomad Russ
A Crafty Traveller

Blog on Fire Award – nominated by Gina Marie at Iridescently

This award is most gratefully received and requires me to tell you five things about me and nominate five other red hot blogs:

blog on fire award

The Penniless Traveller
J.E. Creations
Without Wax
Retiree Diary

Stuff about me…

  1. I have been trying to learn Spanish for about ten years, and have only reached conversational level! I need more opportunities to practice!
  2. I like to recycle bits and bobs and create my own handmade greetings cards.
  3. I can’t really cook but I like to bake cakes for my family and friends.
  4. My favourite band is the Manic Street Preachers.
  5. I have just started to learn how to play chess!

A Lifetime’s Exploration

This is the blogging award I have created to commend my fellow travel bloggers, and help me learn more about html and designing for the web, and I would like to award it to some more of my favourite new and regular travel blog discoveries:

a lifetime's exploration

Without Wax
Get Set and Go
Fenya’s Travels
A Word in Your Ear
The Perpetual Vagabond
Irene’s Vienna

If you have been nominated and would like to accept my award just follow instructions here.

In the year ahead I would like to develop a few different kinds of posts, rather than sticking to the strict photo-blurb-tip format, perhaps I will do a few in-depth articles of an entire trip (I’m off to Iceland in February), maybe review some of the great blogs and products I come across, do a few more ‘top five‘ lists, plan an adventurous route across a country for discussion and then actually do it!

I would also like to participate in some of the photo challenges I see around on the blogosphere, so let me know which ones you recommend. So lots of ideas are busting out and I would love your input as to what I should do! And why not come along?! How about a travel bloggers get-together in Rome? Or maybe our paths will cross naturally somewhere in the world… Happy travels!



I am now the proud recipient of the Kreativ Blogger Award having been recently nominated by The Penniless Traveler. Award rules state that you might like to know 7 fun facts about me, and for me to award 7 other creative blogs this beautifully designed badge… and so I am dedicating it to some of the new bloggers I have just started following.

blog award

Petra’s 365 Photographs


In and Out of Weeks

50 Year Project


Eat, Travel, Photograph

The Palladian Traveler

And some more fun, slightly random, facts about me:

  1. I like camping but after a few months on a thin roll of foam in Oz, New Zealand and Fiji, I now prefer to take an airbed and duvet where I can!
  2. I would love to buy a tuk tuk one day and use it as a little runaround!
  3. The most recent film I have seen in the cinema is Life of Pi. I read the book years ago and couldn’t wait for the film, which is beautifully done.
  4. I was proposed to on Valentines Day in Fiji, a cliche I know but I said ‘Yes’…
  5. I work as an art editor and designer on various magazines.
  6. You can follow my Twitter feed @SarahRyan85 for tweets about travel and design inspiration.
  7. I am trying to cultivate a small herb garden in a pot, in my flat, kind of near a window… Two varieties did not sprout, the basil is very limp and the other one doesn’t look like anything recognisable yet!