Sorrento, Italy


This picture was taken as I was wandering, somewhat aimlessly, around Sorrento, Italy, just soaking up the atmosphere and seeking shade in-between stops for coffee.

The charm of the town is in its architecture, where old peeling buildings house quirky little restaurants or modern gift boutiques. I passed by a grand domed structure with a beautiful painted ceiling, which today houses a street cafe. Later I happened across an intricately carved stone water font in the wall, sandwiched between shops selling tshirts and postcards. These tiny alleyways are a joy to wander and you can while away half a day strolling through the Sorrento streets in between other adventurous activities or trips to Naples, Capri, Pompeii and Herculaneum.

Top tip for Sorrento: When heading into Sorrento for a spot of shopping my top tips for local buys include bottles of limoncello, ceramics with a lemon design, books on Pompeii and art history, and lace goods. Also allow a healthy budget for coffee and ice cream!

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