Sherrardspark Wood, Hertfordshire, UK

Sherrardspark Wood forest tree oak hertfordshire countryside

Sherrardspark Wood is right on my doorstep. Situated to the north of Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, UK, it is full of mature oaks and clearly marked paths across 200 acres. I go for long walks here every few months or so for fresh air and to enjoy the changing seasons; in spring there are bluebells, summer brings out the heather but the colours of autumn coupled with the crisp air is my favourite time of year.

I took this pic at Sixways in the middle of the woods where all the paths cross, and there are a number of carved animal theme benches to sit and take in your surroundings and contemplate which path to wander next. The woods are in an area of scientific interest for the flora and fauna and are undergoing a period of clearing and replanting in order to restore the growth of the oak tree population. There are also muntjac deer hiding in the woods, but they have proved rather elusive for me so far! You can however see lots of horses being ridden around the many bridleways.

Top tip for Sherrardspark Wood: There are a number of entry points to access the woods; if you are walking from the town centre of Welwyn Garden City head towards the white bridge and nip down the steps to the side of the bridge to follow the old overgrown Ayot railway path. Or park at the Campus car park (behind the theatre) and take the accessible ramp down to the path. And don’t forget your camera!

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