Cayo Blanco, Cuba

cayo catamaran boat sea ocean caribbean cuba

I went to Cuba back in the summer of 2008, during hurricane season. The first half of our holiday was spent confined to the hotel bar where we became connoisseurs of the mojito and expert poker players! The second half of the week we could venture out and break our stir-crazy routine of cocktails and cards, and so we booked onto a catamaran trip to the beautiful Cayo Blanco.

We had plenty of stops for snorkelling but the water was very choppy and the current very strong owing to the storms. We pitched up on Cayo Blanco for a delightful lunch of huge fresh prawns, fish and salad, followed by a gentle stroll around on the soft sand and pine needle shoreline in the afternoon sun. This pic is a little blurry but it reminds me of how sunny and hot it was, yet the storm clouds never seemed far away.

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Top Tip for Cuba: The best time of year to visit is between December and May for sunny and dry days. The rest of the year Cuba is hot, humid and hit by hurricanes… but this is also when the best deals are on and you might get lucky with the weather!