Uluru, Australia


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Sunrise at Uluru, otherwise known as Ayers Rock in Australia, is simply beautiful. The air is clean and cool on the skin, the dry smell of the desert clings to your nostrils and you grasp your camera tightly gazing ahead and waiting for that amazing vista as the sun drenches the face of the rock in front of you.

Poetic prose aside, visiting Uluru must be on everyone’s bucket list and no trip Down Under would be complete with out visiting the aboriginal sight in the flesh, to circle its base and experience the magical transformations of light and shadow from different angles throughout the day.

When I visited it was an option to climb the rock if you were feeling energetic, however the aboriginal peoples do not like tourists scaling Uluru as it is a site of great spiritual importance to their culture, as it crosses a dreamtime line, so we opted to sit back and gaze at its beauty and sheer size after our 6 mile (9.5km) trek around it and implore others to do the same.

Top tip for Uluru: It may well be common knowledge to others, but to avoid repeating our mistake here is my top tip… You cannot easily/quickly get to Uluru from Alice Springs which is where you will likely end up if arriving in the area by plane. You need to fly to Ayers Rock Resort airport. Something we did not know when we booked and had to fork out extra money for a flight in order to meet our reservations for transport and lodgings at the other end.