Singburi, Thailand


Singburi Thailand flood river boat hat

I took this pic whilst travelling through the flooded streets of Singburi, Thailand in 2006. The whole area had been badly affected by flooding and I couldn’t do the voluntary work I was scheduled for at the orphanage as it was underwater and the kids were sent elsewhere. Instead I joined up with a team at the the local radio station to bag up aid rations, including rice and medicines, and deliver them to people’s homes. This pic reminds me of those sunny days and meeting fantastic people who just got on with life despite the disaster around them.

Top tip for Singburi: This area is not touristy at all and locals are very friendly often offering you a lift into town if you are waiting for a bus (only do this if you are in a group). Its a nice place to soak up Thai culture from the surrounding rice farms to the busy town with air conditioned shopping centre. The markets and local/independent shops are good value; I got the most hard-wearing pair of flip flops here for about 24p($0.37/€0.30)!