Rotorua, New Zealand


Roturua New Zealand geyser geothermal maori travel vacation

Rotorua is a hot-bed of geothermal activity; even the local park has hot spring foot spas and bubbling mud pits, and this pic is of a geyser going off at the Maori village. The Maori are a very welcoming people and very proud of their culture which are the cornerstones of the cultural concept of ‘Manaakitanga’. The town does smell of sulphur/egg but you soon get used to it!

Top tip for Rotorua: Don’t write-off Whakarewarewa village as too tacky for the independent traveller, as the guides are knowledgable Maori who live there and it is interesting to see how they use the volcanic activity in their everyday, and modern, lives. And do take up the hangi (food steamed in the ground)!