Havana, Cuba


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This picture was taken at Necropolis Cristobal Colon just outside Havana. Cuba’s ‘City of the Dead’ is a place full of old folklore such as the tale of Milagrosa who dies in childbirth and whose still-born child was buried at here feet, but when later exhumed, the child was reportedly found in here arms. With around a million tombs here its pathways become streets and its streets become a true city of the dead. There are many famous and well known people buried here… including a few of Ernest Hemminway’s dogs.

Top tip for Havana: A sad but true fact here is that any money locals can make out of tourists far outweighs any they can make in employment. Sometimes we were forced into photographs by “traditionally” dressed locals who then demanded money, and who got a little wide-eyed at the sight of a wallet. So my tip is to carry small change, in separate pockets, and only give what you feel is appropriate.